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Is a very gentle method of chiropractic which uses blocks and Cranial work to either open things up (discs/nerve roots/cranium) or put things together (SI ligament/joint).  The blocks act as levers to gently adjust misaligned bones back into place. This helps your body to heal itself and reduces imbalances in the spine and cranium.  It is safe for all ages and is especially helpful in the event of head traumas/concussions.  Often an unresolved old head trauma can result in ongoing problems of the lower spine.  With gentle cranial work, the ongoing lower back issues can often heal.  Sacroiliac ligament injuries will often result in seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as: lateral joint pains including the TMJ, shoulder, knees and ankles.  The ligament weakness results in the muscles compensating and many muscular signs and symptoms for which a cause is undetermined.  Some of the symptoms you might notice are difficulty sitting or standing for long periods of time, cracking or clicking in the lateral joints mentioned above, usually you feel better when moving around or active.  Headaches which start at the base of the skull, indigestion, heartburn, SI joint pain which can wrap around into the antero-lateral thigh and knee. SOT also incorporates some reflexology, which is helpful with upper respiratory, sinus, colon, liver, stomach and G.I issues.

For more information: www.sotousa.com


Uses a spring-loaded instrument which applies a gentle pressure to very specific areas of the spine and extremities determined by leg length changes.

For more information: www.activator.com


Uses red light, infrared light and magnetic field to reduce pain quickly and effectively.  It is a safe and non-invasive treatment which speeds up the healing process at the cell membrane level, controls inflammation by helping to re-establish things moving in and out of the cells and often results in reduced pain and increased function quickly. It can be used to speed up the healing of almost any spinal or joint problem you can imagine.  We love it!

For more information: www.MultiRadiance.com


I, (Nancy), personally have many years of searching for answers to different health problems including fatique and asthma.  After many hours of study and research I went Gluten Free almost 6 years ago and both my asthma and fatigue have improved immensely.  I think hidden food allergies are the cause of many of our health issues due to the inflammation they trigger in the gut or brain which often increase with age and result in multiple sensitivities as time goes on.  Blood tests and Saliva tests are often inaccurate in my experience.  Sometimes a 3-4 week trial of eliminating certain things is the best way to find out if you may be sensitive to certain foods or proteins.

For more information: www.livingwithout.com